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  • howdy

    11 hours ago

    griffon create/destroy

    long time no see...

  • A few RTV test results

    1 day ago

    ebregman Programming/Distribution

    Thanks for tuning in on Friday for our linear TV test! You sent hundreds of thousands of chats, we had a ton of people watching for every single hour, all around the world. The worldwide thing is so cool for me - I know we have a worldwide community, but a traditional linear network is so specific to a single territory, so that's pretty unique.

    I'll keep you posted as we figure out what to do next here. Til then what was your favorite part? Any shows you watched that you wouldn't have otherwise? New friends you made in the chat?

  • Funhaus Cali Vibes BTS

    23 hours ago

    wesellis Staff Photographer

    Hey all!

    Another week, another big Let's Play family merch drop. This time we got the chance to shoot with Funhaus at a gorgeous house in the hills. I armed @coolnathan with a Kodak Fun Saver and here is the product of that:














    doctor cool Nathan himself:




    Shop that gnarly new Funhaus merch here

  • Boneyard Arcade Podcast!

    1 day ago

    LuckyBonez Lucky Bonez

    G'day new friends!

    I'm going to attempt to use this account (and journal) to keep folks up to date on my RT-related shenanigans. 

    For those of you that might fancy an introduction to the kind of trash human I am, my friends and I have a youtube channel where we host a weekly podcast! Have a squizz if you want, we talk about all the pop culture things and every now and again, the gang endure my RT ramblings and fangirling. 

    BoneyardArcade YouTube

    Feel free to ask me questions about whatever, too! 

    Okay, cool, rad, sweet, excellent, fabulous.

    Love your faces <3

  • Avast!

    2 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold House Harkotherin

    The primary reason that I want to play Sea of Thieves is to talk like a pirate.

    Yet with an upstream bandwidth lower than a 56K modem (exaggeration - only slightly), there would be nobody else to participate.

    You have to talk like a pirate in that game. Here's a poll to prove I'm correct (I hope).

  • Has it really been 13 years?

    21 hours ago

    Alec The Lord of Meat

    I guess I should stick around.

  • Dragon Ball movie #20

    2 days ago

    ninjacake Senzu Bean!!!

    Today gave us the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. I want you to watch it and pay attention to the animation.

    Now compare any frame from that trailer to this frame:


    Seems the second image is far more detailed, but that doesn't mean I'm here to talk trash on the new art direction of the movie. Quite the opposite actually. To start off there was practically no movement involved in the second frame and it was all focused on nailing the details of an image rather than creating some dynamic animation. While I appreciate the extreme attention to detail with slow moving and close up frames, it's been a while since we have seen a simple design like this that will allow for more fluidity in the scenes.

    One thing we can gather from the new movie trailer is that there is less emphasis on shading and more of a priority on fluid animation. The design is simplistic but opens up so many options for more detailed movement. I've seen people complaining about this, but I honestly think it's a breath of fresh air for fans of the series. It kinda looks like the original manga brought to life with amazingly silky smooth animation. The original Dragon Ball anime comes to mind. Just look at what they used to be able to do with the choreography of a fight:


    The loose design will present a great opportunity to showcase some movement and with the animators assigned to this film I can safely tell you this will be a treat to look at.

  • RTX Sydney - What it was like to be an Ambassador

    1 day ago

    LuckyBonez Lucky Bonez

    G'day friends!

    As you might know, myself and my friends from Boneyard Arcade were the first ever RTX Ambassadors at RTX Sydney this year!

    It was an unreal experience and I honestly can't wait for there to be more community members involved as ambassadors. 

    Now, some people have asked us a few times; "What exactly are RTX Ambassadors and what do they do?"

    A very good question and probably relevant to anyone that might want to have a crack at it in the future. The short answer is that we were hosts of  the convention. We did interviews between each panel via the Twitch live stream. We got to go to lots of the cool booths around the convention floor and interact with RT talent so that the folks at home who couldn't make the con got to see what it was like!

    As a diehard Rooster Teeth fangirl, it was such a rewarding experience being able to represent the Australian RT community. We met a lot of amazing people and really stepped out of our comfort zones which was terrifying but so very rewarding. 

    We're excited to see what the future holds for the next RTX ambassadors and we are exceptionally proud to have been the guinea pigs for this program.

    Anyway, that's my ramble done. Thanks for reading!

    xxx Lucky

  • Welcome To Vale Episode 1 and Our YT Channel

    1 day ago

    MarkBDonica Collaborator


    Mark Here. Hi. Hello. We're all fine down here. How are you?

    We've been talking about it a lot and we're relieved to have our first (and hopefully not the last) episode of Welcome to Vale. While it is starting out as a pretty clear parody/adaptation of Welcome to Night Vale, we're going to start to pivot a bit and make it our own while maintaining the spirit.

    For more, please head to our YouTube Channel and subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLX6EF3g0PAdSOU3far9s6Q

    And we're going to be regularly adding designs to our new shop including a Welcome To Vale Shirt -https://www.teepublic.com/user/theroosterteam

    If you want more, please share and tag us. We want to work on more, but it will take a little more time and dedication on top of our full time jobs. Thanks for sticking with us and we'll see you next week for our Nomad of Nowhere coverage!

  • Finally! The Deadman has come back to AH/RT!!!

    1 day ago


    Jesus, has it really been that long since I was last babbling on about shit here? Yep, sure has! Well, it's been a very busy couple of months. 

    The good news is that Hayley's brother has made a fantastic recovery and is due back at work soon. Considering what happened to his aorta, it's nothing short of a miracle. Plus I got to meet him at last, and he's a nice bloke.

    The bad news is that Hayley herself has been struggling a bit. She wasn't herself for several weeks afterwards, which made things hard for us. Thankfully now, she's back to her awesome self and we sorta celebrated with a night away in a town called Daylesford last week.

    My nephew Liam has been diagnosed with Asperger's. He's still the same crazy ass 9 year old, we all love, but now we know why he's been having trouble with some things, and why he's so obsessed with cars!!! Still, Dan Ackroyd has Asperger's, and look at what he created.

    I turned 38. It wasn't a bad day. I got spoiled by my family and Hayley. She got me some brand new Converse All Star II's which I love. Got  a couple of movies from my sister and Liam, and a new HDD from my parents. I also got an e-mail from my biological dad! Yeah, the father I haven't talked to in years. Well, to cut a long story short, I e-mailed him back, and we are talking again. So I have my great aunt, my cousin and my dad back now. (My cousin has actually challenged me to a race on Forza Motorsport 7, the fool!)

    Valentine's was nice too. Me and Hayley spoiled each other again. She managed somehow, to get me a copy of F1 2017, which for some reason became quite rare on Xbox One in Australia! I got her the full version of Horizon Zero Dawn, which is a game that we both wanted to have a go at. She's also been having a bash at Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, and she's got further than me!

    Speaking of Lara Croft, we saw the new Tomb Raider and we both loved it. And Hayley is a BIG fan of Ms Croft, so she would have been it's biggest critic! We saw Insidious:The Last Key recently too. I liked it, but the evening was spoiled by some dickheads sitting behind us! Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle was awesome too.

    I've started listening to some podcasts on my iPad. I've started with a couple of true crime podcasts, as that is something I'm interested in, which are called True Crime Garage and Casefile. I've also added the Pitlane Podcast which is run by a few of the F1 game YouTubers, The Ross Report, which is the legendary Jim Ross' show about pro-wrestling, and The Jim Cornette experience, which is another about wrestling. I'm hooked, big time.

    So that's been a funny couple of months. 2018 certainly had a strange sense of humour to start with! Up to the Lunar New Year, it was a bit stressful. thankfully now, it appears to be settling down a bit. Hope that trend continues.

    'Till All Are One.

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